Heat Pumps

Our systems provide highly efficient solutions, which minimise the impact on the environment and running costs.

A heat pump cleaverly uses the heat from the earth to heat your homes via a buried heating loop. As well as a geathermal heat pump, there are both air source and water heating pumps avalable to fit any invonment and living space.



  1. A heat exchanger contains refrigerant, which is colder than the outside air. As the air passes the exchanger, the refrigerant absorbs the latent heat from the outside air and evaporates.
  2. The vapour passes into the compressor and is compressed, increasing its pressure and temperature, effectively concentrating the heat.
  3. Hot vapour is condensed in the second heat exchanger where heat is rejected and the vapour condenses back into a liquid. The rejected heat passes into the central heating and hot water system, ready for use in the home.
  4. The liquid refrigerant passes back through an expansion valve, ready to start the cycle again.

Heat Pumps

On the page we have examples of how heat pumps work and will function through the house.

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